The Health Benefits Behind Braces

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Most parents think that the only reason to spend for their kid’s braces while they are young is cosmetic reasons.

Sure, most teenagers with buckteeth or protruding front teeth will not really have an easy time during high school – but there are actually a lot of health reasons for having straight teeth. To find out why keep on reading for some facts from the team at City Smiles!

Meanwhile, it is definitely fortunate for kids, teenagers and even adults these days that braces and corrective metal appliances for the mouth are less conspicuous. Instead of having metal-filled smile, you can go for less visible teeth-colored brackets which you will not be ashamed to wear at all. There are also braces which can be worn at the back of the teeth to align it better, and to improve one’s smile. Dr. Gustavo Salas has many years of experience working with patients to select the right orthodontics treatment near Fulshear, TX and give them the beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted.There is a wide variety of orthodontic treatments to choose from to give patient a healthy, straight smile.

What are the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth?

Now, what are the health-related benefits of having straight teeth? Take a look at the following list from Dr. Gustavo Salas:

Straight teeth are naturally self-cleaning.

When you see an ad for toothpaste or a toothbrush, you will see how people brushing their teeth have perfectly straight, white biters. There’s definitely more to having straight teeth than cosmetic reasons – the most important of which is that they’re naturally self-cleaning. When the teeth are misaligned or crooked, it is more difficult to get through the hard-to-reach parts while brushing.

Straight teeth support healthy gums.

When you have straight teeth, they also are capable of supporting healthy gums. Those who would like to have their smile straightened out or improved will benefit more because straight teeth lead to better gum health. Not only that, but they also have less stress on the jaw.

When you have straight teeth, discomfort is lessened, and your chewing, biting and speaking functionalities are improved.

Those who are blessed with naturally straight, white teeth may not know this – but discomfort may actually result from having crooked teeth. When the teeth are too close together or too crowded, it becomes difficult to floss and the bite is improper. This leads to other oral health problems like wearing down the teeth, discomfort or outright pain, and tooth decay. Even your chewing, biting and speaking functionalities are improved when you have straight teeth.

Other health benefits of having straight teeth.

According to medical experts, there’s growing evidence that poor oral health leads to a wide variety of health conditions. This includes diabetes, stroke, heart disease and complications to a woman’s pregnancy. This is not surprising at all because the teeth actually provide a direct path for infection when not taken care of, which may enter the bone marrow and bloodstream.

As you can see, there are numerous health reasons why it pays to have straight teeth. More than just the aesthetics, you will be doing your overall health a huge favor if you will have misaligned teeth corrected through braces. Even adults who did not have the option to wear braces when they were young can still improve their smile today. If you’re interested in beginning treatment or have any questions, call City Smiles near Fulshear, TX today at 281-589-6100.

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