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You may feel that it is unfair, but appearances do matter. And your smile is probably the first and the only thing about you that will create a lasting first impression in the mind of the stranger or person in front of you.

But you should take care of your smile not only because you want to send out some positive vibes but also because dental issues affect oral health. When choosing an orthodontist in Houston, TX, make sure that you opt for the services of a professional who is a specialist in his or her field, like Dr. Salas.


Not many people are aware of the difference between an orthodontist and a general dentist. Nor do they realize that these two professionals are experts in different areas of dentistry.

For the uninitiated, a dentist deals with matters of general oral health and hygiene issues like taking care of tooth and gum and recommending treatment for tooth decay and minor structural problems. On the other hand, an orthodontist is a specialist who explicitly deals with problems with alignment of the teeth and jaws. Specifically, an orthodontist, like Dr. Salas corrects the improper positioning of teeth and any other alignment issue of the jaws. He uses non-surgical methods of orthodontic treatment.

Both general dentists and orthodontists have to go through a stint at a dental school. However, a general dentist can begin practicing right after passing out from the school while an orthodontist has to additionally complete a two-year residency program in orthodontics before he can set up his practice. Thus a general dentist and an orthodontist are trained differently, and only the latter has the specialized training to deal with certain dental issues. Specialized training also means that an orthodontist is more adept at using various orthodontic tools and keeps himself up-to-date on the latest procedures and techniques of treatment.

So it goes without saying that if you want to seek treatment for an orthodontic problem that you or a loved one might be suffering from, you should visit City Smiles in Houston, TX.


When choosing an orthodontist in Houston, TX, make sure that you inquire into the credentials of the professional. These will usually be posted on his website. Give precedence to professionals who have been trained at accredited dental schools and are licensed by the state. It is a prudent idea to choose an experienced orthodontist and especially one who has been recommended by your family dentist or a trusted one. Personal recommendations will help you shortlist and choose a professional who has been proven to be effective in his approach and treatment methodologies.

What is more, selecting an orthodontic procedure such as having braces fitted, means making a long-term commitment to an orthodontist. It is imperative that you choose a professional with whom you can be comfortable discussing your issues. You can determine the comfort levels with an orthodontist during the preliminary consultation.

When you choose the right orthodontist in Houston, TX, you can be sure that the treatment procedure will be effective, comfortable, and hassle-free.If you’re looking for the best orthodontist, don’t hesitate to contact City Smiles in Houston, TX today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Salas by calling 281-589-6100.

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