Protecting Your Smile With Halloween Around The Corner

Invisalign aligners make braces and Halloween candy easier. If you have Invisalign and plan on Trick or Treating this Halloween, City Smiles in Energy Corridor, TX has some helpful hints on candies that are easier on braces.

People who wear braces are limited in what types of candy they can enjoy, but Invisalign wearers have much more flexibility. City Smiles warns that when you wear traditional braces, candy can destroy the metal work – which can mean costly and time­ consuming repairs. Invisalign makes eating Halloween candy easier to enjoy. Unlike traditional braces which have wires and brackets for candy to get caught in. Invisalign has removable aligners which

Unlike traditional braces which have wires and brackets for candy to get caught in. Invisalign has removable aligners which avoid candy getting stuck, making it easier to enjoy that tasty snack at Halloween. Even with Invisalign, City Smiles says that you must take care of your teeth to prevent sugary substances from staying on your teeth and lead to tooth decay.

So after enjoying your Halloween treat, remember to brush and floss your teeth before putting your Invisalign aligners back in. Dr. Salas in Energy Corridor, TX recommends that you try to avoid these types of candies whether you have traditional braces or Invisalign.




Also, Frequent visits to your orthodontist eliminate the chance that there will be problems with your treatment, and consistent checkups help to stop any problems that do arise immediately.

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Enjoy Halloween this year during Trick or Treating in Energy Corridor, TX with your Invisalign removable aligners. City Smiles reminds you to be safe and bring a flashlight and a toothbrush!

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